Bezel-less displays | the smartphone design trend of 2017


2017 is officially the era of smartphones of edge-to-edge displays, with minimal to no bezels around them. It’s an actually useful trend, unlike the ones we saw in previous years.

These kinds of displays allow our phones to have an excellent screen-to-body ratio in relatively compact form factors. Even Apple has joined in on this, solving an age-old gripe of those huge borders around iPhone displays.

We need to pay credits to some small companies for kicking this off. Two of them, most notably: Sharp and Xiaomi.

sharp aquos crystal

Sharp is a small company which caught everyone’s attention back in the day with their Aquos crystal smartphone. A mid-range phone with a near borderless screen.

But of course, it was a budget phone and didn’t feel as premium as it appeared to be. That’s where Xiaomi changed things with its Mi Mix smartphone.

xiaomi mi mix

The Xiaomi Mi Mix was the first high-end device to sport an incredible 6.4-inch display, again, borderless on 3 sides. But the specs on this thing were insanely powerful, like 256 GB STORAGE and 6 gigs of RAM.

Save for the mediocre camera, everything about this phone was just too good to be placed in the present. After all, borderless phones were deemed the gadgets of the future!

The efforts of Sharp and Xiaomi didn’t go unnoticed. All major players joined into the all display game, starting off with the LG G6.


It became the first phone to have a bezel-less, 18:9 aspect ratio display.

That of course was followed by a whole lot of flagships, most notable ones being:

1. Galaxy S8/S8+

samsung galaxy s8 s8+

Little introduction is required for this beautiful beast from Samsung. The Galaxy S8 family sports an industry leading display panel, termed Infinity display!

2. The LG V30


Probably being the best phone of 2017, the LG V30 packs a gorgeous QHD OLED panel, following up on the same design principles from its G series brothers: The G6 and G6+.

3. Mi Mix 2

The successor to the original beast, the Mi Mix 2 improvises on the shortcomings of the OG MIX. It has a much more easy to grip design and has a smaller, but crisper 6-inch Full HD display. It is near bezel-less on top, but sports an earpiece, unlike its predecessor.

4. Galaxy Note 8

galaxy note 8

Who hasn’t heard of the majestic Note 8 and it’s crazy, 1200+ nits brightness, 6.3-inch infinity display? This improves upon the already mind-blowing Galaxy S8’s display!

5. iPhone X


The new kid on the bezel-less block! Apple boarded the killer display train this year and finally made a daring move to a higher resolution panel. The result is an iPhone like never seen before, and that’s saying something!

6. Pixel 2?

Google Pixel 2

Now that all other major flagships have been unveiled, all eyes are set on the upcoming Google phone.

Last year’s pixel wasn’t exactly the prettiest thing to see, but with what we have seen so far, with even hesitant companies like Apple on board, I have very high expectations from the pixel 2. Don’t you?

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