Mr. Phone picks: the best earphones under Rs 2,000

Forget the fact that most earphones that you get bundled with smartphones sound like knife cutting through metal, brands these days don’t even bundle one to begin with, in order to cut costs. This is why it is vital that you pick a good pair of earphones to listen to your favourite songs without any interruption. Thankfully, most budget and mid-range smartphones still come with a headphone jack. 

Now obviously, we don’t want you to break the bank and buy an expensive pair of headphones when you’re starting off. And hence, we’ve curated a list of the best earphones under Rs 2,000 especially for you. Let’s hit the play button.

RHA MA390 Universal

Price: Rs 1,999

The RHA MA390 Universal is by far our favourite budget in-ear earphone. The moment the Scottish audio brand announced these metallic beauties, most of the audiophile world sat up and took notice primarily because RHA makes some really quality products (case in point, the RHA T20i). The Universal in the name suggests that the earphone is compatible with both Android and iOS. However, what makes the MA390 a “universal” favourite among reviews is its “warm and soft” sound signature. The MA390 offers a slightly bass-heavy sound without compromising on the other frequencies. In fact, most reviews suggest that the bass-oriented sound signature will please you if you like listening to EDM, Bollywood, pop, or hip-hop. Essentially, most young folk out there. Also, it doesn’t hurt that that RHA bundles 3 extra tips and a nice carry pouch along with the earphones. 

rha ma 390 universal

Best review quote: 

“They’re built like a tank, feature a ton of accessories, and its sound signature is bass-heavy and fun.” – Lewis Leong, Techradar

Buy your RHA MA390 Universal here

Jays a-Jays Five

Price: Rs 1,799

Sweden gave us good, practical design in Ikea. Sweden also gave us Jays. Jays is a brand that probably makes the best looking earphones, we’ve seen in a while. The minimalistic design, couple with the flat cable looks pretty striking. But that’s not all, the Jays a-Jays Five is a surprising crowd favourite among the Indians. Why? Because the weirdly-named a-Jays Five offers a bombastic sound that is super heavy on bass. There is no doubt that Indians are big lovers of bass because “baby ko bass pasand hai.” Having said that, if you are someone who loves listening to a lot of classical music then the a-Jays 5 might not be right for you.

Best review quote:

The a-Jays Five have a big, meaty sound anchored by unapologetically forceful bass that snatches your attention from the very first note.” – Caleb Denison, Digital Trends

Buy your Jays a-Jays Five here

SoundMagic E10C

Price: Rs 1,599

Now, we’ve come to the audiophile favourite – the SoundMagic E10C. It is such a big darling of the critics that What Hi-Fi actually wrote “Nada, zilch, zip” in the cons section of its review. This earphone is universally compatible with Android and iOS like the RHA MA390 Universal. It has a sound signature that is dynamic and wide. Not to forget, the E10C comes with a neat three button in-line remote control with a mic. It is just a superb package deal. 

Best review quote:

“An entertaining all-round listen, the SoundMagic’s energetic, expressive and agile performance gives consumers no excuse for settling for (mostly average-at-best) in-the-box earphones.” What Hi-Fi

Buy your SoundMagic E10C here


Price: Rs 1,999

The XB in the Sony MDR-XB55AP stands for ‘Xtra-Bass.’ Now, that should give you an idea of what sound to expect: dollops and dollops of bass. If you are someone who listens to a lot of modern-day dance artists like, then the XB55AP is tailor-made for you. Again, you get a neat three-button in-line mic and compatibility with Android and iOS devices. 

Best review quote:

“Very Nice.. its vibrating!” – Flipkart review. 

Buy your Sony MDR-XB55AP here

So, you don’t have to look anywhere else because these are by far the best budget IEMs out there. Keep watching this space for more Mr. Phone picks. From phones to phone accessories, Mr. Phone will be back with a list for everyone, for every need. 

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