Apple is allegedly working on a new Power management chip – rumor

Apple is making a power management chip

So Apple has been playing catchup to many of the newer tech features as we know of, including wireless charging, quick charging, bezel-less displays, OLED panels, High-resolution screens etc.

But then we know that they do this, just in order to be perfect in what they promote. But, one of the most talked about things apart from the new tech has been a very old problem. That is the battery life. Yes, there are many software tweaks that Android dives in with respective low power modes and Nougats doze mode. Even Apple came up with low power mode, later on, to save the people from the horror of a dead phone in the middle of the day.

But software optimization only goes so far. Apple is rumored to be working on a new strategy for power consumption as we speak of. A new power management chip, completely designed by Apple. Read on to find more of what we know about it.

Apple power management chip


Nikkei, the world’s largest financial newspaper has revealed that Apple is said to be investing time to build their own power management chip which would be first of its kind and revolutionary as it sounds. It aims at making the iPhones last way longer than the current battery life.

Apple has been working on this for a while but wasn’t able to comment on the timeframe. There are two reports giving conflicting data about the timeframe on this new chip. One says they will start as early as mid-2018 and half of the flagship phones will already be coming out with the new chip. Another report says it would be delayed as far as 2019.

Apple power management chip

This would although be bad news for the current supplier of Apple’s power management chip maker, Dialog. The shares for them went down 20% and then after Apple cuts business with them, they would probably have a lower trend as it happened historically for practically every vendor that Apple has severed ties with. But then its still good news for the people as we would definitely love a better battery life over anything.

There is although an alternate possibility which could mean Apple might ship smaller batteries and reserve more room for them to tinker with a new piece of tech or give us slimmer phones. Let’s hope that they don’t do that and wish for the best!

What do you think about this? Can this be just another rumor? Let us know in the comments below!

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