Apple is likely to ditch Qualcomm in its 2018 devices!

Apple vs Qualcomm

Things have been getting pretty intense lately, between the king of chip makers and Apple. Qualcomm has been troubling Apple in it’s iPhone and iPad sales for ages now, demanding “unfair royalties” from the company.

Though we don’t know what’s been cooking under the curtains, there is one thing that has managed to float to the surface from the deep, dark depths of the tech industry. Apple will completely ditch Qualcomm chips in their devices!

Yup. Though Qualcomm manufactures really awesome LTE modems and pretty much every single phone out there has it, Apple will be moving away from them. Instead, they’re joining team Intel for cellular data reception on their phones and tablets.

Apple and Intel collaboration for 2018

Qualcomm will take a pretty big hit if they actually end up making this serious decision. Qualcomm currently controls about 50% of the modem chip market, and Apple is undoubtedly one of their biggest customers. If they take the Intel route, the chip revenues will go down significantly over at Qualcomm’s camp.

Have you heard about the Qualcomm 845 and its launch in early December yet?

This could bring some bitter pills for Apple users of 2018 to swallow. Qualcomm is leading ahead when it comes to 5G implementation, and obviously, our favorite phone manufacturer will lag behind it. The iPhone that supports 5G might come in late 2019 or whenever Intel and Mediatek catch speed on the same.

But hey, Apple’s rich! They want to make Qualcomm have a taste of its own medicine. Sure, Android users will still worship Qualcomm modems, but judging by the statistical drop in sales, one would say the ‘chips are down‘ over at Qualcomm. (Phun intended)!

What do you think about the Cupertino company’s decision? Are you a bummed iPhone user who will have to wait for long times to get 5G? Is Apple ever going to NOT make their customers wait for stuff? Let me know in the comments and hit me up on your favorite social network: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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