Apple iPhone prices get a hike in India due to import tax

Apple iPhone X

A couple of days earlier, the government had increased the import tax on mobile phones, TV sets, cameras etc. Now we bring to you the increased rate list of all the iPhones which have gone through this increment. 

It was Friday when the government announced that the import tax will increase from 10 % to 15 %. This increase in 5% of the import tax was imposed in order to promote domestic industry. Apple has shown a 3.5% increase in price. Below is a list of the increase in the price of the iPhones, have a look. 

Apple iPhone X

This is the difference in the prices of the Apple phones, the iPhone SE will stay unaffected by the import tax. As it is assembled in India it need not pay the tax. 

The Cupertino company had no choice but to increase the price because these orders were direct from the government. Although this implementation will have a huge change in the sales figure of the company. The import tax add-on will not restraint iPhone lovers to purchase the handset and Apple can enjoy the extra revenue. But something to worry about is that many mobiles sold in India are manufactured in India as well, so they would not pay the import tax. This could cause a friction in the sales because there is no hike in the prices of those smartphones. 

Apple is not the only company which is facing this hike there are many others involved. 

Do you think this price hike will let the iPhone loyalty shake a little? Let us know what you feel in the comments section below. 

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