Apple reveals iOS 12; here are 5 cool new updates to the operating system

iOS 12 - Cool Features

At its annual WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) event last night Apple has revealed the iOS 12. While the developers gathered at this conference are excited about opportunities Apple opens for them, the users look for the cool new updates. And that is what we will give you here. If you have missed out on last night’s Apple event, then, this is the best story to catch up on the five new coolest updates that are coming to the new iOS 12.  

Here are the five cool updates you’d see on the iOS 12:

  1. ARKit 2.0

    iOS 12 - ARkit

The Cupertino giant is updating its ARKit framework. This fall ARKit 2.0 will roll out publicly. It will set out to bridge the conversations gaps between two different augmented realities. Meaning, the updated framework would be offering better-shared experiences in the AR. For instance, two iPhone users would be able to see the same thing when running the same app. This updated tool will enable developers to create shared AR experiences.

  1. Grouped notifications

    iOS 12 - Group Notifications

The most annoying thing on iOS is getting a fix on the new iOS 12. This fall, all the Apple fans can finally enjoy the grouped notifications that Android has been offering for ages. It will make dismissing or interacting with multiple notifications quite easier task. Plus, Apple will now give users more authority on which apps are allowed to send notifications that vibrate their phone. There would be a separate section for “Quiet” notifications in the notification center instead of your lock screen. Thus, making your lock screen cleaner than it used to be.

  1. FaceTime with 32 participants at once

    iOS12 - FaceTime

How many times have you wondered if you could just FaceTime more than one person at a time? Now it is about to come alive. With iOS 12, Apple will be introducing a FaceTime update that will allow users to make video calls with up to 32 participants. Now that is a staggering number! The introduction of group FaceTime would make group conversations possible. But a support of 32 members at a time is just insane (and cool). Interesting enough, you’ll be able to animoji and memoji characters during calls.  

  1. Siri shortcuts

    iOS 12 - Siri Shortcuts

Of course, Siri is one of the most popular digital assistants in the world but has been short of many features that are available on its rivals – Google Assistant and Alexa Assistant. On its new iOS 12, the things are about to improve for Siri users. Apple will now allow more integration of third-party apps. This will help developers create many seamless triggers to launch functions from third-party apps on the device. Particularly, there is an introduction of shortcuts app that will allow users to create custom Siri requests. These shortcuts can trigger multiple actions on a single request.   

  1. Memoji

    iOS12 - Apple Memoji

Apple seemed quite excited for introducing what is a cross between Bitmoji and Nintendo’s Mii characters. The coolest advancement on the new iOS 12 is the introduction of personalized avatars called Memoji. The new iOS will allow users to create characters with custom appearances. Select skin color, hairstyle, and also outfit your memoji with accessories. Apple claims they have worked quite hard on this one as they’re betting big on memojis.

While the iOS 12 features are not restricted to these five things, but we do believe these are the coolest addition to the new operating system coming this fall. What do you guys think of these new features? Let us know in the comments section below.  

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