Android P might introduce native call recording feature

Android P

Android P isn’t slated to arrive until May this year but initial features of the next OS update are starting to trickle in. This will probably increase as we get close to March. As of now, a new call recording feature is being tipped to debut on Android P (or 9.0). As described by the source, a number of commits found in the repository of AOSP hint to the call recording feature. The commits also reveal some details about the working of the feature.

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As per info, the feature will notify the party on the other side of the call recording through a tone every 15 seconds. This is to “meet regulatory compliance requirements” that may/may not be required by local laws. The notification tone can be disabled as well by carriers, a commit info says. Whether Google will implement this in the native Android 9.0 UI or make it available to third-party developers is unclear.

Android P

Call recording has been on Android for ages through third-party apps and it is a pretty useful feature as well. It is a surprise Google hasn’t figured making this a native feature yet. Many other OEMs already bake the feature on to their proprietary custom skins over Android.

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Android P had recently been in the headlines for a network strength hiding feature that is expected to be on board the Android Oreo successor. Expect the complete preview of the next Android version at Google’s I/O 2018.

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