Amazon Halo fitness band will help diagnose physical and mental health, price starts at Rs 5,790 Approximately

Amazon Halo Fitness Band - Feature Image

At a time when people are not going out of their homes, Amazon thought of making a fitness band that does not need the user to specifically go out to use the band to its full potential. This idea leads to the making of the Amazon Halo Fitness Band, which offers a feature that is quite unique and is not present in any smartwatch or fitness band. What is this special feature you may ask? Let us find out in brief.

Amazon Halo Fitness Band – Specifications

The Amazon Halo band does not come with a display, which might be a let down for many users but, you ought to remember that the display isn’t the USP of this device. Then, you may be wondering what it is well, the headline feature of this band is the fact that it can analyze the positivity and energy in one’s voice to check whether they sound happy, sad, or tired. This is done using the Tone feature that works in sync with the microphones present on the band to assess your mood. Additionally, the band can provide insights into one’s activity levels, sleep patterns, and more.

Amazon Halo Fitness Band – Pricing and Availability

The Amazon Halo Fitness Band is priced at $65 (INR 5,790) for the early access users, who will also get six months’ membership access to AI-powered analytics. When the early access period is over, the wearable will be available for $99.99 (INR 7.350), with the monthly membership cost priced at $4(INR 295) as per Amazon.

What are your thoughts regarding this unique wearable? Would you consider buying this if and when it comes to India? Let us know your thoughts about the same in the comments below.


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