Amazon Echo Auto brings Alexa assistant inside your car for Rs 4,999

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Amazon has launched its latest Alexa-powered Echo device in India and its not for your home. Making its way to your car, the new Echo Auto is all set to power your car with Alexa skills. Well, it won’t make your car as we saw on the Knight Rider, but it will now listen to you. The entertainment system can now be connected to Echo Auto, which will allow you to do wonderful things. Let’s discuss below in detail. 

Amazon Echo Auto – Features and Specifications 

The Seattle giant makes it easier for your entertainment system inside the car to get smarter. The Echo Auto will plug-in to your system using the 3.5mm auxiliary cable or connect wirelessly using Bluetooth. All it will need is a power source, where the USB port will come handy, or a 12V charging port will be required. 

Equipped with eight-microphones, the Echo Auto’s array of microphones are designed for best in-car acoustics and speech recognition. Amazon claims, that Alexa will be able to hear you over music, A/C and road noise. It will follow the standard procedure that any Echo device requires, you would need an Alexa app on your smartphone to establish connectivity.

What would you be able to do using Echo Auto inside your car? For starters, you can ask for morning news, listen to an audible book, and make the most of your commute. Further, you can ask for the nearest coffee shops, petrol pumps, and more. With Alexa inside your car, you can focus on driving while let Alexa help you make a list of to-dos and don’t. Create reminders and do more with Alexa’s thousands of skills available in your car now.

Amazon Echo Auto – Price and Availability 

The new Amazon Echo Auto is available for a pre-order startup today at Rs 4,999. But the Echo device starts shipping from January 15. You can order one by clicking on the below BUY button. 

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