Amazfit Bip Lite Review: breaks your relationship with the charger

Amazfit BIP Lite -11

Rating: 9.5/10


  • Featured-packed 
  • Kickass battery life
  • Solid build quality


  • UI could’ve been better

Ever since the first smartwatch was launched, the one major cause of worry for most buyers has been the battery life. Even today, the battery life on the Apple Watch lasts only 24 hours. And, that is the sole reason why I’m going to recommend you buy an Amazfit BIP Lite.

Yes, I know that I have given you my verdict in the very first paragraph. But, it is so damn good that I cannot get over its incredible battery life. Essentially, this Amazfit smartwatch is all you need to carry if you are going on a vacation and packing light. No charging cable and charger required. With a claimed battery life of 45 days, you can stay out of your country and come back just in time before your visa expire. Yes, that’s how worry-free you can be with BIP Lite. 

While the Amazfit BIP Lite has a really weird name, it is definitely one of the best budget smartwatches out there. Let’s dive into the detailed review.  

Design and build

When I first took it in my hands without knowing the price tag, I wasn’t feeling it. Maybe because I was coming from Samsung Galaxy Active, which is a premium smartwatch priced around Rs 20,000. Now for a smartwatch priced at Rs 3,999, I’d say BIP Lite ticks all the essential aspects including a solid body, that can withstand daily activities, and sometimes even extreme conditions. 

At 32 grams, it is possibly the lightest smartwatch I have come across. The body material is a polycarbonate casing. Easy and comfortable on your wrist, it feels lighter than a regular analog watch, which by the way are very bulky these days. The company claims its smartwatch should be comfortable to wear all day and night, even during sports activities. And, I would agree on that part. 

The smartwatch comes with a rating of 3 ATM, which makes it swim proof. While I don’t swim, because of my fear of water, I did try taking a bath wearing the watch. It is said to take up to 30 meters of water pressure and I haven’t faced any issue. Speaking about the strap, I would not suggest you wear it as tight as possible. Because after prolonged usage you’ll see imprints of the silicone strap on your wrist, which you don’t want. That said, the strap is of fairly decent quality. What the company has incorporated is it has smartly put a stopper to make strap stick to the watch and enhance user experience. 

Display and user experience 

Before talking about the user experience, I’d like to touch upon the display. The company claims its 1.28-inch always-on display is trans-reflective, which essentially means you can see it even under bright sunlight. While I didn’t face any issues as such while reading it under sunlight, it wasn’t the best experience out there. It’s possible I was expecting too much since I’m coming from the Galaxy Watch Active. 

As for the protection from scratches, it uses Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 solution. Even if you aren’t someone who likes to take care of your gadgets like me, it shouldn’t be a problem. Apart from this, you get a coating on top of the display that keeps fingerprints at bay. While it just offers a TFT screen, I believe you won’t miss out on fancy color schemes, because you won’t keep staring at your watch. You’d just glance for data; be it time, fitness stats, or notifications from your phone. And for that, the Amazfit’s display is good for its money. 

Speaking of the user experience, Amazfit BIP Lite has its pros and cons. I’d like to make it easier for you and me to summarise the user experience of this smartwatch. 


  • Heart rate monitoring is pretty accurate. You can keep it on auto and ask for it to alert and define the alert value as well. 
  • Vibration works fine, which is the key to any good smartwatch as far as notifications are concerned. It nudges you at just the right amount. 
  • It’s so wonderful to see it working seamlessly with Apple Music, Spotify, and even SoundCloud. Most smartwatches struggle to offer music player support, but the Amazfit Bip Lite excels at it.


  • The UI of the watch is fairly decent, but it could be improved. 

Battery life 

This is pretty straightforward, as you can read right in the first paragraph of this review. The battery life is the highlight of this smartwatch. The one thing most other smartwatches don’t get right. And that’s why Amazfit BIP Lite gets extra points for its kickass battery life. I haven’t looked at the charger in my drawer for three weeks, and I doubt that I’ll look for it another week or so. If you are planning to buy this watch, then battery life is the least of your concerns.  

Should you buy Amazfit BIP Lite?

Definitely. Yes, you should buy the Amazfit BIP Lite even if you already own an affordable watch. Because if you have tried any smartwatch in the price segment below Rs 5,000, this smartwatch will transform your opinion about the wearables in this price segment. It’s incredible value-for-money. 

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