Alcatel POP4 10 – First Impressions!

The smartphone market has been one of the fastest growing spaces in the world and India is at the forefront of it. We now have the second largest user-base of smartphones closely behind China, which makes it almost vital for smartphone companies to make a mark here. Alcatel has been a trusted name in the global market and has also been behind some fan favorites like the Idol 4 and Idol 4s. The company has been in India for a while now but this time around, Alcatel has launched a super cute and light Alcatel Pop4 10 and *get ready for it*, it’s a tablet!

Alcatel Pop4 10 - Body

The build
When you pick up the Pop4 10, the first thing you realize is how well built it is. The tablet is made of plastic but don’t let this word fool you because Alcatel’s design is one of the best implementations of it. It’s never the material that makes it feel cheap, it’s the way you use it and Alcatel seems to have done a really good job here. We have plastic power and volume buttons to the right or top of the phone depending on how you hold it, and some I/O consisting of a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro USB port. The design looks impressive and ergonomic with some really complex curves to make it comfortable to use.
Dat Display!
The next thing that instantly catches your eye is that big beautiful display up front. It’s attractive, vibrant and sharp. The panel has a Full-HD resolution which is surprising considering that at this price, almost all OEMs tend to stick to a 720p panel. The display on the Pop4 10 is probably its best feature. You can watch movies on it, youtube is really fun, browsing the internet, surfing through Facebook, Instagram etc. are all a very joyous experience. The Pop4 10 enhances that experience with dual front-facing speakers and really good ones at that. This is one of those things you never miss until you use them for the first time. I have been listening to the Pop4 10 and you can call me impressed.
Apart from being an entertainment powerhouse, the Pop4 10 also comes with a lot of educational apps and hopes to break into that segment. The Pop4 comes pre-installed with an NCERT app which helps students prepare for important exams in their academic life. Time for studies, kids. The company seems to be taking care of parents and kids alike if you know what I mean.
What’s inside
Inside the tablet, you get a  Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 along with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage which can be expanded using an sd card. The tablet boasts of a massive 5830mAh battery. The specifications are not groundbreaking when it comes to a phone. But hey, when it comes to tablets, the Pop4 10 stands pretty tall among the competition. The battery life is something I am a little worried about due to the big size and sharp display resolution, but we’ll surely tell you more about it in the full review.
One more thing……
Alcatel Pop4 10 Keyboard Mr. Phone
The keyboard
The Alcatel Pop4 10 also comes with a keyboard variant and this is the part that makes it very exciting for me. I travel a lot and am tired of carrying my laptop everywhere, this could be such a lifesaver in those situations, it weighs much less than a laptop, but functions as a phone with a sim inside. The keyboard connects to the tablet through Bluetooth and works seamlessly. The keys feel quite nice with a good amount of travel and it’s not one of those soft materials which flexes and doesn’t let you keep it on your lap. I’m very excited to be using this in my daily life and you’ll get to hear all my thoughts in the Full review, so stay tuned for that.
Price and Variants
The Alcatel Pop4 10 is a Flipkart exclusive and you can buy the tablet for Rs 10,999. However, I’d still ask you to go for the keyboard version at Rs 12,999 which is more value for your money.
With the Pop4 10, Alcatel hopes to get into a market which has been overshadowed by smartphones. The tablet market is something that went away a few years ago but is slowly crawling back and Alcatel’s Pop4 10 sounds like a worthy contestant. A good and ergonomic design coupled with great user experience at an affordable price is what Alcatel hopes to provide, and from the first look, that seems achievable. 

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