Cigarettes or Smartphones! Which one is more addictive? You’d be surprised to know

Do you remember that viral video of the 2-year-old Indonesian kid smoking a cigarette? Here he is, in his extra structural boredom thinking about his next pivot.

Our generation has been struggling with boredom more than ever before. To add to that we are surrounded by instant gratification applications like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, which helps us taste the dopamine.

Bored in my class?  Doodle. Can’t sit idly waiting for the light to turn green?  Chew your fingernails until the edges bleed.

We as humans keep ourselves busy one way or other. We are so self-designed to not sit idle that we cannot resist our inner stigma. Well, this stigma was one of the traits which helped us evolve from a Chimp to an Explorer! 

But today our stigma satisfying machines, our smartphones are just a tap away. We have our pivots designed and re-constructed so much that it’s now ‘Just Me and My Smartphone till eternity!’

Here is a fun take on the situation :




Decide your next pivot consciously ! You are the Future!!! 


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