9 Neat Instagram Features You Should Start Using In 2021

Top Instagram Features

Every now and then, Instagram has been updating new features, and keeping up with them can be quite a
challenge. So, that’s why, we have brought you a list of 9 neat Instagram features that you should start using in 2021.

Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger Merged

In a push to unify its services, Facebook has merged Instagram Direct Message and Facebook
Messenger. So now you can chat with people across Facebook services on Instagram as well.

Steps To Do

  • To use this feature on your smartphone you will need to opt for the cross-messaging feature.
  • Once enabled, the DM icon at the top right corner of Instagram will be replaced with the Messenger icon.
  • Once you have that icon on your Instagram, just go in the search tab, find any of your facebook friend and just send them a message.

So basically it means that if you have a friend on facebook and you don’t follow that friend on Instagram,
you would still be able to send messages to that friend.  

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Vanish Mode

One of the new features on Instagram is Vanish Mode and It’s somewhat similar to the Disappearing
messages on Telegram and Whatsapp. So how this works is that when you turn on Vanish mode, your seen
messages automatically disappear after you close the chat. Disappearing here means they will be

Steps To Do

  • Open your Instagram DMs
  • To turn on Vanish Mode for a chat, open that particular chat > swipe up and hold and vanish mode will now be turned on.
  • Repeat the same process to switch modes between vanish mode and normal mode.

Remember two things while using this feature
*While the feature is great for private conversations, it’s not end-to-end encrypted.
*In case someone takes a screenshot of your chat while you’re using vanish Mode, Instagram will notify you.

Selfie Boomerang Stickers

So you must have tried sending emojis, stickers, and even GIFs as responses on Instagram DMs. But
nothing quite captures your exact expression than the ’ all new Selfie Stickers. Even after a few months of its introduction, a lot of people still don’t know how to use this feature. Follow these steps to send selfie stickers on Instagram. 

Steps To Do

  • Open a conversation in Instagram DM.
  • Now next to the text field, you’ll see a bunch of icons right next to the text field. Tap the GIF icon
    and hit Selfie.
  • *From the list that appears, select the “Selfie” feature.
  • Now hold your phone in a position so that your entire face is visible in the sticker preview. By the
    way, Instagram automatically replaces the background with a colorful gradient, depending on the emoji
    you choose from the options below.
  • So Choose your emoji and when you’re ready, tap the shutter button to record the emoji. Good part is
    that you can also set a timer as well.
  • And of course, once you are done with your recording, you can also store your selfie sticker by
    tapping Save Sticker.

Instagram Layout

One of the coolest new features for Instagram stories is the Layout option that lets you insert up to
6 images in a single frame. Here’s how to use the Layout option in IG stories.

Steps To Do

  • Swipe right from the home screen and make sure Story is selected.
  • From the list of options on the left, tap Layout.
  • Next, you choose the type of grid you want for your images and that’s all.
  • Now either you can add photos from your gallery or you can click photos in real time.
  • And by the way, all this is done without the need to download the Layout app separately. Isn’t that convenient!

Restrict People

One of the best features on Instagram is the ability to restrict certain users without even blocking
them. In simpler words, you can basically shut down any commenter you chose, without that person even

Steps To Do

  • To use this feature, go to Instagram, open the user profile that you’d want to restrict.
  • Click on the Following Tab , a list will open, where you choose the restrict option.
  • Just tap on the Restrict option
  • Now whenever this person tries to comment on your posts, their comment will only be visible to them
    and not to you. On top of that, this person’s chat will also be moved to your message requests. So,
    you won’t be bothered by them anymore.

Pin comments

Sometimes, there’s always this beautiful comment on your post that you feel like highlighting; a
comment that makes your day. So why not pin it at the top? Here’s how.

Steps To Do

  • Open any of your posts and choose your favourite comment.
  • Long-press on it and hold until you see a list of options in a blue tab on the top.
  • Now Select the pin icon in that tab and that is how easy it is to highlight your favourite comment.

Remove followers

If you want to soft block any unwanted user and don’t want them to see your activities, Then, just follow this trick.

Steps To Do
Go to your follower section, click on the remove button. Instagram will automatically make their
account unfollow yours.

Mute The User

Don’t want to see any of your aunt’s videos, but at the same time, you don’t want to hurt her feelings too by unfollowing her. Tough situation right? No problem, Just give her a mute!

Steps To Do

  • Go to the account that you’d want to mute.
  • Tap “Following” and a list will now pop-up, tap mute.
  • On the next screen, you’ll see two toggles to mute posts and stories. Enable as per your need.       

Change The Themes On Chat

Do you Love changing themes on your smartphones, and want to do the same for your Instagram
chats as well? You got it. One of the latest features on Instagram that came with the recent updates
allows you to change the theme for any specific chat. Here’s how you can make your DM’s look

Steps To Do

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed.
  • Now go to your DM’s and select any chat.
  • Tap on the i button present in the top right corner.
  • Now right under chat settings, there you will see Theme, tap it.
  • A pop-up will appear with all the available theme options. Make your choice and that’s it.

So guys these were some cool Instagram features that will make you an Instagram-Pro in no time. Let us know in the comment section, which feature did you like the most?

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