5 awesome things that you can do with the Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a wonderful little software. But don’t be fooled by it’s plain, white innocence, you probably have no idea how powerful it actually is!

You might have discovered a lot of things that can be done with the Assistant, from common things like launching apps, setting reminders and searching the web to kinda advanced things like launching specific apps and doing some math.

But there are plenty of cool things that it can do, which you may not be aware of. So here is my list of the top 5 awesome things that you can do with the Google Assistant –


1. Play a game with it!

Play games with Google Assistant
You can play a good game of tic-tac-toe with the Google Assistant when you’re bored. Just ask it to play a game with you or tell if you’re bored. It will hit you with all sorts of entertainment along with such interactive games.

2. Keep memory logs

Google Assistant fills up memory lags
If you’re like me, you find it difficult to keep track of where you’ve kept some small but important things, like the OTG adapters and charging bricks. You can ask Google Assistant to remind you where you’ve kept the thing while you’re keeping it there, so it will tell you when you ask it to.

Like, you can leave your car keys on the dining table and at the same time, say “OK Google, remember that the car keys are on the dining table”. It will tell you the next time you ask it where you’ve left those darn keys. Pretty handy huh!

3. Turn your TV on/off!

Google assistant can switch the tv off
If you use a simple programming app called IFTTT, you can use it with your Google Assistant. Just set a simple command to turn off your WiFi-enabled TV by asking the assistant to do so. It will use your IFTTT program to magically do just that!

4. Plan a route in maps

Google Assistant helps with maps
If you’re somewhere halfway from where you want to be and want to know of all the shortcut routes, no need to fire up Maps for that. Just ask the Google Assistant to look for a shortcut to somewhere from your location. You will get a dynamic maps snippet on your screen within seconds!

5. Have it read the news

Google Assistant can read news
Google Assistant can deliver personalized news cards to you, but you can also make it read the news out to you. Just say “good morning” to it and it will read the weather data and latest updates from your personalized news sources.

These were some of the many things that the Assistant can do, which I found cool and convenient. Are there any more that you know of? Drop me a comment down below. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram if you have something to say!

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