2019 iPhone will have no notch, claims a new report from Korea

iPhone X

Who knew that the most controversial feature of the iPhone X would catch fire in Android smartphones. If you didn’t already know, we’re talking about the notch. Of course, there’s Face ID as well but even that has been cloned by other phone makers.

But the notch in the iPhone X design was there because Apple didn’t have a choice. It wanted to integrate all sensors on the top while still conserving as much space as it could. Fast forward to today, and there’s an army of iPhone X clones ready to step into the innovation-starved world of Android.

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iPhone X and its notch 2019 iPhone

But a new report coming out of South Korea claims that the 2019 iPhone will come with a full-screen. There will be no notch, whatsoever. “Apple has decided to eliminate the current notch design from the 2019 model, and is discussing related parts and technology,” says the Korean media outlet.

Now, that would immediately raise questions of the Face ID hardware and the other sensors housed inside the notch. It isn’t known how Apple will go about removing the notch. But citing several patents, different theories have been hypothesized. One of the intriguing ones is to put the miniaturized sensors under the display. Then there’s the possibility that Apple would use an in-display fingerprint reader. That would allow them to rely less on Face ID.

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The preliminary report just states that Apple will be getting rid of the notch, good riddance. No other details have surfaced. As of now, the notch is very much alive and kicking. Apple is yet to launch this year’s trio of iPhones that will follow last year’s design. 

That said, what do you folks think about the notch on the iPhone X. Should it stay? Or should it pass to oblivion like all other things? Share your precious opinions with us in the sections below. 

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