1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds review: this energizer bunny is the boss of bass

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After testing a wide range of truly wireless earbuds recently for a shootout, I am convinced that audio brands are going lengths to make great truly wireless products. In fact, I have exclusively moved all my on-the-go listening to truly wireless (TWS) buds. I am really digging the convenience and the fairly good auto fidelity offered by these buds. 

And therefore, when 1MORE decided to revive it’s truly wireless efforts with the Stylish TWS buds, I was “truly” intrigued. What’s more surprising is that sweet pre-order deal for Indian customers till the 11th of June. At Rs 5,499, the 1MORE Stylish TWS is far more affordable compared to its competitors in the market. Obviously, post the pre-order offer, it will go up in price and will cost Rs 8,999, which is still lower than the asking price for the Galaxy Buds.

Okay, why don’t we get down to my review and find out how these fare in daily usage. I’ve been using these as my daily drivers for a little more than 10 days and I am going to do this review slightly differently. I’ve identified a few points that a buyer will look for in a pair of truly wireless buds. Let’s do a question-answer style review. Sounds good? See what I did there?

How do they look?

While looks are subjective, there are curves all around the 1MORE Stylish True Wireless. From the earbuds themselves to the charging case, the gentle curvature all around makes it look and feel very comfortable. It is no wonder then that these earbuds actually received the IF design award for 2019. 

The charging case is slightly bigger than I expected it to be, but I like the fact that there is a convenient button to flip it open. Note that it is made out of a hard plastic shell. There is a satisfying click when you open and close the charging case. Also, removing the earbuds and placing them back in the case is an organic experience that you should be able to pick up fast.

Coming to the earbuds, I think they look pretty good too. The housing is attached to a cylindrical pipe that is attached to it at an angle. It sat inside my ears nicely. Which brings us to the next question.

Are the earbuds comfortable to wear for long hours?

Absolutely. The Stylish TWS is comfortable to wear for long hours and these buds are pretty lightweight that you won’t even realise they’ve been sitting in your ears for more than 3 hours at a stretch. Having said that, I like the tinier size of the Samsung Galaxy Buds better. The Stylish TWS tends to jut out of the ears and are therefore uncomfortable when you lie down on your sides. It is also slightly cumbersome to wear the earbuds inside a helmet. I have a tight fitting helmet for riding and every time I pulled out my helmet the Stylish TWS would fall right out, immediately. By the way, for the athletes out there, the 1MORE TWS earbuds are sweatproof. I’ve used these during my morning exercise sessions without having to worry about sweat damaging it.

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Do they fall out of the ears?

Nope, the Stylish TWS has a very secure fit thanks in part to the attached circular-shaped wings. It is a unique design that sits in the opening on the underside of your ear notch once you lock it in place. I found it to be very ingeniously designed, honestly. The end result looks like you are wearing a singular mono Bluetooth headset, one on each year. 

How are the controls?

This is where I am slightly disappointed with 1MORE. The single button control on the left and the right earbuds are fairly tactile but I am really not a fan of physical buttons on top of earbuds. And, these aren’t very easy to use for my pudgy hands. Oh yeah, there are no physical volume controls. By the way, you have to pair each earbud individually and the whole process takes about 25 seconds, which is a bit much if you ask me. However, this gives you the freedom to use one as a singular earbud. 

The fancy auto pause/play function that you get with the AirPods when you take them out of your ears is present in a half-baked fashion on the 1MORE TWS. The music doesn’t pause when you take the earbuds out but it does playback when you put them back in your ears. It takes some time to recognise the input, though.

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Is the Bluetooth connection stable, and does it lag in videos and gaming?

So, the 1MORE TWS connects using the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. It can only go up to 10m without dropping the connection. However, I didn’t face any connection stability with the 1MORE TWS. It was rock solid in the time that I used it. Even in my jeans test, the earbuds never dropped connection with my OnePlus 7 Pro. However, there is a perceptible lag when playing games. 

I have been playing quite a few sessions of the new Call of Duty beta but the audio lag is infuriating. But apart from the AirPods 2, not many TWS earbuds can actually cut the lag in gaming. However, while watching videos I didn’t notice any audio-video lag, which is a reprieve.

Okay, forget about all that, how does it sound?

Much like the other 1MORE products, the Stylish TWS earbuds are also tuned by Luca Bignardi, a Grammy award-winning musician. Also, thanks to the aptX codec support and AAC support for iOS, you get far better audio fidelity. In fact, I doubt if there is a pair of truly wireless earphones under 10k with support for the aptX codec. 

I was genuinely surprised at how big, fun and exciting the Stylish TWS actually sounded. The frequency response chart favours the bass curve and you will clearly hear more attack in the low end. In a song like Mirza by Nucleya, the thump was pretty good and most folks are going to love this kind of signature. This is not a very typical 1MORE sound but it is a lot of fun. 

Now, sometimes, there are repercussions of having too much fun. And with the 1MORE Stylish TWS earbuds that manifests itself in the form of the recessed mids. It gets considerably masked by the aggressive bass response. This was particularly annoying when listening to podcasts that had a good backing soundtrack for added drama. I’ve been binging on The Black Tapes podcast lately and I preferred the Galaxy Buds over these. The treble performance was fine with no roll off in the high-end that I particularly noticed. But the main reason why the 1MORE TWS sounds so good is because of the incredible instrument separation. I could hear every instrument clearly. But, the tonality could’ve been better. Instruments didn’t sound the way they should, especially the growling backing guitar in Radiohead’s Creep. The sound-staging is par for the course when compared to other TWS earphones. 

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I feel that the 1MORE TWS is well-suited for most modern and popular genres of music like EDM, Pop, Hip-hop, and Bollywood. Now, the call quality with the built-in mic is average at best and lacks in the depth in voice on both the ends of a call. 

What about battery life? Can they last long?

So, the 1MORE TWS earbuds are rated to last 6.5 hours on a single charge at 50% volume. Well, that number is nearly accurate. I played music for at the 50% volume mark and it lasted me 6 hours 22 mins on one occasion and 6hrs and 15 minutes on the other. The average is pretty good if you ask me. At around 80% volume, they lasted me around 5 hours and 30 minutes. The charging case can also charge the earbuds three times, which means that you can get 18 hours more battery life. Also, it can charge from 0 to 100 in under an hour and 30 minutes. This is one of the better battery performances you can get from a pair of truly wireless earbuds, at the moment. 

So, should I buy the 1MORE Stylish TWS earbuds?

It is a no-brainer at Rs 5,499. There is no competition at all. The crowd-pleasing sound signature is going to make most people happy with the purchase. So, if this review has convinced you enough, go ahead and buy the 1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds. These are totally worth the pre-order price. 

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Now, even at the retail price of Rs 8,999, the 1MORE Stylish True Wireless earbuds can actually give the competition a tough fight. But I still think that Rs 1,000 extra for the Galaxy Buds gets you a smaller profile, tighter mid-range response, touch controls, and a wireless charging case. I really like the Galaxy Buds a lot, honestly. But, if you want better call quality – the Jabra Elite Active 65t and the AirPods 2 are definitely better with better mics.

So, there you have it. Hope this review was useful. Do invade the comments sections to discuss more and to clarify any doubts that you might have. 

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