1MORE Stylish Dual Dynamic Driver BT review: engaging and exciting sound for the masses

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Looks like 1MORE has signed a pact to make wireless variants of all its popular wired IEMs in 2019. Close on the heels of the launch of the 1MORE Triple Driver BT (review), the company has launched a Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver BT earphones too. 

These new IEMs seem like a more mass market product meant to entice the fashion conscious audience out there. Why? Because you get them in Midnight Black and Rose Pink colour options. But if we know one thing about 1MORE, it is that the company will not compromise on the sound. Is that statement true for the Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver BT — okay that name is a handful, I am going to call it Stylish BT henceforth — is what I try to find out in this review?

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1MORE Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver BT: design, comfort, fit, specs

Unlike the Triple Driver BT, the Stylish BT has no metal in the design. The Stylish BT’s design has a soft silicon neckband that blends into the sound chamber made of ABS material, or more commonly known as plastic. The wires to the earphones extend from these sound chambers and are fairly thick. These wires should be able to withstand a little tug and a pull. Also, one thing that is conspicuously absent are magnets that can hold the earphones together. It is available in the Realme Buds, which costs a meagre Rs 500, then why not on the Stylish BT?

The wires connect to the earphone housings. These housings look like a cylinder connected to a saucer. These cylinders protrude quite a bit because they include two drivers inside. This protrusion ensures that the earphones are not comfortable to wear inside a helmet or when you are lying down on your sides. The soft silicon eartips also wrap around the saucer-shaped shell. I don’t know if anyone will make aftermarket foam tips for these earphones because of this unique shape. 

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Note that, finding the right fit is vital for these earphones because it completely changes the sound. During testing, I used the medium sized tips initially and couldn’t hear the bass at all. In fact, it felt like the earphones offered incredible soundstaging. But then I realised that it was because they weren’t fully inside my ears. Anyway, moving to the large tips helped the cause. The neckband themselves are extremely light since the weight of the earphones are only 23.4g. I had no trouble wearing them for 5 hours in a stretch. Comfort is the middle name for these earphones. Okay, maybe we shouldn’t add one more name to it. 

Moving on, the silicon neckband is bendable and can easily fit into the pocket. This immediately reminds me of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless’ (review) design. Fortunately, unlike OnePlus’ really horrendous silicon case that comes bundled with the box, you get a decently large-sized carry pouch with the 1More Stylish BT. Coming to the sound chambers, the left one has all the buttons and the Micro-USB port for charging. Yup, no Type-C port like the Triple Driver BT. 

And talking about the button layout, you get a power button and a volume rocker that also doubles up as the previous/next track function. These buttons are incredibly tactile and I particularly like the very clear white markings that demarcate each function. Even the Left and Right are clearly marked, unlike some earphones that hide it in some crevice where you have to use a microscope to find it. 

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Like the Triple Driver BT, you also fast charging on the Stylish BT. 1More claims that fast charging the earphones for 10 minutes provides 3 hours of music listening. To be entirely honest, I don’t know what sort of wall adapter is required for fast charging these earphones. 1MORE only provides a cable with the box. So, I used the Honor View 20’s wall charger, which is rated at 40W capacity. I don’t know if it did fast charging or not because there is no way to tell but I charged it from 10 minutes from 0 percent. And, I could actually listen to music for around 2hrs and 30minutes at 80% volume. Not too shabby, I must say. As for the battery life, 1More claims you can get 6 hours of playback on a single charge and I saw similar figures from my testing. 

As for the rest of the specs, these earphones run on Bluetooth v4.2 and support only the SBC codec, which is the biggest letdown. At least support for aptX codec would’ve been nice. 1MORE claims that the Stylish BT can be connected to Bluetooth for up to 30ft without any interruptions like walls. I actually tested it out and it actually does stay connected. 

1More Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver BT: sound signature

Before talking about the sound signature of the 1MORE Triple Driver BT, let me tell you guys that the passive noise isolation is great. I couldn’t hear the din in my office and the chatter around me at all. Moving on, the Stylish BT has a sound signature that can be easily classified as U-shaped. But here’s the thing, the bass attack is more pronounced in the mid-bass sections. In songs like BTSTU by Jai Paul, where the sub-bass — or the lowest end of the frequency spectrum — dominates for the most part of the song, the attack is missing. 

In a song like Undone by Spaces, the mid-bass attack is well defined with very little decay. You know what though? I usually listen to this song for the treble performance owing to the shimmer in the intro. And the 1MORE doesn’t disappoint; the treble reproduction is actually pretty good. My only concern with the 1More Stylish BT is that the mids are not as impressive as the mid-bass or the treble. Not that the mids are bad but the vocal reproduction could’ve easily been better. For example in Jacob Collier’s Hideaway, the instruments – while they sound incredible – tend to overpower Collier’s vocals. 

Typically, such a fun signature is frowned upon in the audiophile community but the Stylish BT actually stands its ground with the detail, clarity, and tonality on offer. It’s got an excellent imaging and decent soundstage too for a pair of in-ears. That’s what sets it apart from a typical u-shaped/v-shaped sound that we hear in products from brands like Beats and Skullcandy. I am not surprised because 1More products are known for quality. 

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Just that the signature might not be for everyone. For example, it is definitely not well-suited for Jazz or Classical genres. On the other hand, if you listen to a lot of Hip-Hop, Electronic, or Pop music, the Stylish BT should actually excite you. 

That said, there are a couple of faults with these earphones. I really think that the Stylish BT would’ve benefited from support for aptX. Moreover, the call quality is actually below average. I had a tough time trying to hear the person on the call clearly. I had to switch to my phone’s earpiece in every call. 

Should you buy the 1MORE Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver BT?

Well, the answer to this question is simple. If you are looking for a pair of bass-heavy neckband-style earphones, then the 1More Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver BT is definitely worth considering. Especially for its pre-order price of Rs 4,499. At Rs 7,499, it becomes an expensive proposition. At that price range, you are encroaching the RHA MA650 territory and that is one tough competitor. The MA650 has a cleaner sonic reproduction compared to the Stylish BT. But lacks the punch in the low end. If the bass is your thing, the Stylish BT will be a better choice for you. 

But, I can say this with confidence at under Rs 5k these are a steal and definitely better than the OnePlus Bullets, which I still use on a regular basis btw. 

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