10 apps to use during social distancing while we responsibly fight the spread of COVID19

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While humanity around the globe fights against the COVID19 or Corona Virus, the need of the hour is for us to stay at home. Social distancing is what we are all observing now and something that was referenced in India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s, speech on the 19th of March. In fact, experts have asked people to keep a 6ft distance from others. In such a scenario, when you are holed up inside your house, we decided to handpick a few apps that you might like using on a regular basis. 

Here are 10 apps you could use during the social distancing period.

1. My fitness pal by Under Armour  

[Helps track calories and provides simple workouts at home] – Just because you’re locked in your home doesn’t mean you can’t get fit. In fact, thanks to apps like myfitness pal, you can track the calories you intake every single day. The app has a pretty neat interface and you can choose whether you want to gain weight, shred or maintain weight too. Now, there is a premium version that will give you additional information on the macro-nutrients you’re consuming but, you should only opt for that if you are extremely picky with what you eat and want to shred/gain considerably. For everyone else, the free version should suffice. 

2. 7-minute workouts 

Eating right is just part of the equation and while you would ideally need a gym or a park to workout properly, you can achieve quite a lot at your home too with the 7 minutes workout app. The application is completely free and you can choose from six different workout regimes, including the ones catering to seasoned athletes and beginners respectively. The app has numerous exercises listed under each program, along with video tutorials which will come in handy should you need to check your form.

3. Netflix Party chrome extension

[Watch movies with friends] – If you’re a movie buff, then I’m sure you miss going to the theatres. Well, what if I told you that you can enjoy movies with friends from your home too? To do so, simply download the Netflix Party Chrome extension, add it to your Chrome browser and then head over to Netflix’s website. Once you’ve signed in, you can then click the ‘NP’ button to generate a link for the shared stream. From there, it’s a walk in the park – just ask your friends to add the Netflix party extension, share the link with them and viola, you all can watch the same thing and chat with each other without leaving the Netflix page too. Oh, and you can also choose who is allowed to play/pause the stream, which is an added bonus. This is all the social distancing help movie buffs need. 

4. Castbox


[Audiobooks and podcasts] – I don’t know about you, but I love listening to podcasts and in my experience, Castbox does podcasts really well. Not only can you listen to your favorite podcasts from the app itself, but you can also access a growing library of audiobooks on the platform. There’s even an option to join live casts and interact with other members through a live chat. And did I mention that castbox comes with a really sweet dark mode? 

5. Duolingo


[Learn something new] – If there’s one app on the list which needs no introduction, then it’s probably Duolingo. I’m sure all of us have wanted to learn a different language at some point in time and now that we’re all spending a lot of time in our homes and not commuting to work or going to colleges, you could use that window to pick up a new language. The app is extremely straightforward to use and it makes learning fun. You can even opt for the premium service which is void of ads, however, the free version is a good shout too. 

6. Microsoft Teams

[Team coordination] – If you’re finding it difficult to coordinate with your team owing to the ongoing pandemic, then you might find Microsoft Teams useful. Now, the free plans aren’t anything to write home about and they won’t suffice if you’re working in a big company. However, Microsoft has pledged six months for the premium tier packages, which is huge – not only do you get more cloud and shared storage, but you also get video conferencing and meetings with up to 250 people at once. We at MrPhone have shifted to Teams in entirety and it’s made working from home a lot easier. 

7. PUBG or Call of Duty

[Multiplayer games] – We all have some downtime and one of the best ways to kill time is by killing enemies online. Both, PUBG and Call of Duty are excellent multiplayer games that also let you socialize with your friends. I’ve been playing CoD a lot and  I can’t wait to unlock the KN-44 assault rifle. I hope you can hear the excitement in my voice. 

8. Bigbasket/Flipkart Grocery/Grofers

[Grocery shopping] – Sustenance – extremely important and if you don’t want to step out to get essential groceries, then you can use any of Grofers, BigBasket or Flipkart grocery to get them delivered. If you’re residing in Gurgaon, then you can even use the Swiggy store to get the essentials delivered. 

9. 1mg/Netmeds

[Medical supplies] – On the off chance you or someone in your family needs medical supplies, then you can use the 1Mg and have all the medicines delivered to your doorstep. Now, as of scripting this review, the app is showing some delays in delivery but it beats stepping out of your home. The app also lets you numerous lab tests, including full body checkups from Dr. Lal Pathlabs and more. It also helps that there’s a coronavirus prevention tab within the app that you can access if you want to quickly grab some face masks or hand sanitizers. 

10. Quarantine chat

If you’re staying alone, then chances are you might get anxious and feel lonely. Well, if you feel the urge to talk to someone, then you can connect with someone via the quarantine chat app. Available as dialup on the play store and AppStore, the app lets you quickly talk to someone over the phone from anywhere around the globe. The best part is that you won’t incur any charges when you use the app as its completely toll-free too.

Well, guys, this wraps up our listicle of the top apps you should use to kill some time until our self-quarantine ends. Make sure to like and share this video if you enjoyed it and don’t forget to wash your hands routinely. Until next time, this is Prateek from MrPhone, signing off. 


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